🔆 Dear the FootEarn community, the important hour is approaching.

👉 We would like to remind you to note the opening time of Private Sale

1) Round 1:

🔥For the top 500 referrers to pre-purchase, up to $200/wallet

⏰2 pm (UTC) July 8, 2022 to 2 pm (UTC) July 9, 2022

2) Round 2:

🔥After 500 wallets in the Top 500 Referrers are purchased first, the remaining balance of each wallet will be purchased up to $ 100/wallet on the first come first serve (FCFS) form until sold out.

⏰2 pm (UTC) July 9, 2022 to 2 pm (UTC) July 10, 2022

📌Private sale link : https://www.footearn.com/

📌Guide to participate in PRIVATE SALE: https://youtu.be/AkvLTbp4564

📌Private Sale Whitelist Winner :


️📌Instructions to withdraw money from Binance to personal wallet (MetaMask) and transfer to BUSD and USDT️ (Polygon network) :https://t.me/FootEarn/30553

❗️Please note:

👉Prepare enough $BUSD and $USDT(Polygon network) in your wallet

👉Prepare MATIC as a gas fee



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