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5 min readOct 25, 2022

FOOTEARN’S WORLD CUP EVENT is a big event, it also comes at the important time of the FootEarn Development team when we decide not to IDO. The playing field is open and fair for all, no longer giving priority to an interest group of investors or private partners.

The 2022 World Cup is in the countdown to the opening day, the hardcore FootEarn fans are also eagerly waiting for the FOOTERN’S WORLD CUP EVENT event to be opened at the end of October 2022


The message “Play is fun — Play is have money — 100% of participants must make a profit”

x3 chance to WIN:

  • A chance at the end of World Cup 2022
  • A chance to exchange FEN token like joining an IDO to make a profit
  • A chance to share profits with the project construction team through sharing % of fees collected from the community
  • And many more ++ benefits

The rules to participate in “FOOTEARN’S WORLD CUP EVENT”:

  • There are 32 teams classified into 7 Tier with ranking index according to Fifa’s evaluation criteria.
  • Users need Mint NFT for 50USD to own a team representative, equivalent to a Tier.Especially with the feature that allows to match 3 representatives of the same team, it will be upgraded to the next Tier, making Mint even more exciting when it have chance to get the favorite team of user.
  • If the team you own enters the Finals, or wins the 3rd place match, you will receive a prize with 3 prizes: First, Second, and Third, according to the percentage of the Pool bonus, along with the same ++ benefits as participating Users. Join Event (Award will be anounce when the World Cup final closes, scheduled for January 19, 2023).
  • FOOTEARN’S WORLD CUP EVENT applies Smart Contract to record the results of Users who have locked their Tiers, then we will distribute rewards accurately and transparently, enabling all users in the world to participate, bonus chance spread evenly to all (Prize details explained below).
  • Users who haven’t won the FOOTERN’S WORLD CUP EVENT race, still have the opportunity to convert NFT into FEN (FootEarn’s official token) at a Public sale price (expected January 19, 2023 to January 30, 2023).
  • The FEN token that Users claim and then hold will Unlock after 1 month, we will pay back to you 1% per day, continuously for 3 months (expected from January 30, 2023 to April 30, 2023).The request is withdrawn 1% every day until the end (Details of conversion rate to FEN tokens below).


First prize:

  • 70% Prize Pools are divided equally among Users holding Team Icons that match the 2022 World Cup winning team.

The second prize:

  • 20% Prize Pools will be divided equally among Users holding Team Icons that match the 2022 World Cup Silver Medal team.

The third prize:

  • 10% Prize Pools will be divided equally among Users holding Team Icons that match the 2022 World Cup Bronze Medal team.

** Estimated Prize Value UP TO THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS***

FEN conversion rate

  • Simultaneously, the symbol of any team that you Mint, after the final match, it will be converted to the value = 1,786 FEN
  • 01 FEN = 0.028 USDT

The reason why the FootEarn Game NFT project isn’t IDO:

FootEarn leads the trend of real NFT games. With the statement that there will be no IDO (Initial DEX Offering), which means that the project does not give priority to organizations and individuals who hold a large number of Tokens. Such a project was completed by the internal capacity of the Dev team, not by mobilizing outside capital. This is a great hardship for the development team during the game building period, consuming a lot of money. But it is the outstanding advantage of the proactive supply of FEN Tokens when they are listing, won’t worry about any 3rd party holding a lot, Locking a lot of tokens and just waiting for the opportunity to “massively discharge” causing price fluctuations to decrease and then stabilize like most other GameFi models on the market before.


FootEarn launched a big event on the occasion of the 2022 World Cup, fans were excited and easily received new and good things. What’s more fun than when you join the bonus game, and make sure that what you own is worth the investment.

FootEarn also learned from the mistakes of other NFT Game projects that he chose the best plan for himself during the Listing process. The motto “No IDO, no rack, no fear of discharge”, is the main reason for us to be optimistic about a high-flying FEN token by the end of 2022.

Please leave comments for the project team to continue to improve so that FootEarn can develop further.

About FootEarn

FootEarn is the very first real-time 3D football game e-sport based on blockchain. FootEarn has an engaging and accessible gameplay that attracts gamers from all ages, genders, and countries.

️ Moreover, with Multiplayer mode, users can compete directly with each other in tournaments and receive prizes. This is an outstanding feature of FootEarn compared to other GameFi projects..

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