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1 min readJul 8, 2022


  1. Everyone, we’re back with the winners list!

️⚽️Is this the list you’ve been waiting for?


🌟Congratulations to the winner! Please check your wallet address


⏰ 2 pm (UTC) July 8, 2022 to 2 pm (UTC) July 9, 2022: 500 people in the “Top 500 Referrers” whitelist pre-purchase up to $200 / wallet

⏰2 pm (UTC) July 9, 2022 to 2 pm (UTC) July 10, 2022 : After 500 wallets in the Whitelist are pre-purchased, the rest each wallet will be purchased up to $100/ wallet on the form of first come first serve (FCFS) until it runs out.

3.Watch the time carefully so you don’t miss it!

About FootEarn

FootEarn is a 3D Esport game project, football genre applying blockchain technology and NFT. FootEarn possesses attractive gameplay, keeping the attractive essence of traditional Esport Game, integrated with Multiplayer mechanism.

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FootEarn Official

The First Football E-Sport game based on blockchain Free To Play — Free To Earn Official Community: https://linktr.ee/footearn