1.And the end of the Whitelist Top 500 Referrers of Private Sale has come.

🌻Thanks to 42,000++ participants!

2.Keep in mind the time Private :

⏰2 pm (UTC) July 8, 2022 to 2 pm (UTC) July 9, 2022: 500 people in the “Top 500 Referrers” whitelist pre-purchase up to $200 / wallet

⏰2 pm (UTC) July 9, 2022 to 2 pm (UTC) July 10, 2022 : After 500 wallets in the Whitelist are pre-purchased, the rest each wallet will be purchased up to $100/ wallet (BUSD) on the form of first come first serve (FCFS) until it runs out.

3.The list of winners will be announced soon
4.Stay tuned for our results!

About FootEarn

FootEarn is a 3D Esport game project, football genre applying blockchain technology and NFT. FootEarn possesses attractive gameplay, keeping the attractive essence of traditional Esport Game, integrated with Multiplayer mechanism.

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