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1 min readNov 6, 2022


👉 For every #NFT you own, you can convert them back to our #FEN for TGE prices, so when you win, your prize can be doubled, tripled and, even even higher.

💰And if you don’t win, you can still convert your #NFT into #FEN after the event is complete.

📌Links to the event “FOOTEARN’S WORLDCUP EVENT” :


📄Official Contract Address: 0x2dD4f2ef60779C36AcaC7831333774f4c40B2C9D

🚀CoinmarketCap Link:

📌Contract (BSC): 0x120e2D24c5Db5113cC840caebbA0a806EEDfab9E

🚀BSC Scan Link :

About FootEarn

FootEarn is the very first real-time 3D football game e-sport based on blockchain. FootEarn has an engaging and accessible gameplay that attracts gamers from all ages, genders, and countries.

️ Moreover, with Multiplayer mode, users can compete directly with each other in tournaments and receive prizes. This is an outstanding feature of FootEarn compared to other GameFi projects..

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FootEarn Official

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